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How Do I Pick a College?

Many students ask us, How do I pick a college? Since our tour guides speak to college students on a daily basis, we can tell you the 3 biggest things, students we’ve encountered, say helped them make the choice. What Should I do for a career? This is an important question to explore.  You can determine …...

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The college experience extends far beyond merely obtaining an education. It is our initial step in determining what life is all about. It is where a child crosses the threshold on their journey to becoming an adult. Much too often, young people look solely at the social and educational aspects of college when there is so much more that they should be aware of. This is where King’s College Tours intercedes. We pride ourselves on being able to provide students with an opportunity to discover the realities of college while learning the foundation of what it takes to be successful at the collegiate level.
During our travels, students are given an opportunity to meet with financial aid and admissions advisors who can help them make practical decisions regarding their aspirations. Our goal is to ensure that students and parents get the most out of their college years. We attempt to accomplish this task by providing students with the foresight needed to successfully survive the university experience. This tour offers students an opportunity to see college campuses and to become exposed to the atmosphere by observing realistic college life.
As a beginning college student, I was oblivious to the amount of information that I was clueless of. I realized that I could have been better equipped to handle the challenges of college. I knew that I didn’t want my experience to happen to anyone else. It was then that I decided to offer students a panoramic snapshot of what they could expect from this country’s finest institutions.
King’s College Tours strives to educate parents and students on the transition from high school to college. In addition, we seek to provide each participant with tangible information about each college and university. It is unfortunate that some children will never have a chance to experience an opportunity as great as this. However, when it is feasible for parents and community stakeholders to offer children experiences like this, it speaks out tremendously to society. We are sending the message to others that we are willing to make a great investment in our children and we want to provide each of them with the tools they will need in order to become successful adults.
Thank you for your esteemed time and attention. I look forward to working with your student or organization in the near future.

Antonio King, Founder
King’s College Tours
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    At King’s College Tours, we can give you information on any kind of tour. Our experienced and friendly tour guides can take you on college tours for your high school student, or help you tour the world like you’ve always wanted. If you want to charter a bus tour with some friends for that special weekend, we can gladly help you do that too.

    King’s College Tours is your best tour company around because we try and save you money, while never sacrificing quality. Because we’ve been a tour company for so long, our private tour guides know their information on anything ranging from college tours for 2013 to sailing the seas on a Miami, Florida tour.

    If you tell us your high school student wants Boston college tours, or a San Francisco college tour, we can adjust to either because we do every kind of college tour imaginable!

    At the same time, we can provide European group tours, and serve as a Miami tour company. If you contact us, asking about Eiffel Tower tour prices or a Florida college tour, we promise to get you the best price and give you the best experience ever.

    Join families from around the world who chose King’s College Tours because of our great tour guides and our even greater tour prices. Request a quote for a tour today!

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